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Doc Savage Collector Set, Vol 1-21 FALL SPECIAL

Doc Savage Collector Set, Vol 1-21 FALL SPECIAL

When you purchase one (or more) of these Collector Sets, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the NostalgiaTownPULP CLUB, and you’ll receive:

  • Each book in the Collector Set for $8.49 (that’s a 34% SAVINGS!)
  • You’ll get a PULP CLUB Membership Number to use on special offers throughout the year, PLUS
  • All New Pulp Book releases in 2008-2009 for $ 9.98 per book (that’s a 22% SAVINGS!)
  • A PULP CLUB Membership Certificate with all the details.

Deals like this don’t come along every day, but as the co-publishers of these series, we can take some liberties (that perhaps others can’t).

The Shadow Collector Set, Vol 1-22 FALL SPECIAL!

Around here, we like to call it the ‘NostalgiaTown Stimulus Package”, and why not?  Excuse my frankness, but If I peak at the stock market or housing prices one more time, I think I’ll have to set up permanent shop next to the little girls room!

So you pre-Halloween Holdiay shoppers are in luck!  NostalgiaTown has lowered the price on these Collector Sets from $12.95 to $8.49 per book.  If you’re getting the Doc Savage Volumes 1-21, that means you’ll be keeping $93 in your pocket; and Shadow fans will SAVE $98 on Volumes 1-22.

If you’re new to Doc Savage or The Shadow, these books are being reprinted from their 1930’s/40’s originals by Sanctum Productions, Inc, and Nostalgia Ventures, Inc.  You can read more about the heroes and villains on our website by clicking the following link:


3 New Collections from Nostalgia Ventures

This day has been a long time in the making.  For months, Dennis Levin, president of Nostalgia Ventures, Inc. based in Vista, California has been working on 3 New Collections that are a must for collectors and the rest of us ‘Old Time Radio’ fans.  Sure, there are other companies that come our with new content quarterly, even monthly…but let’s face it – their focus is QUANTITY, not quality.

GREAT Holiday Gift Idea!

Any of these 3 New Collections will make great Holiday Gifts! So be sure to visit our online store, for these and more Classic Radio Collections. From Comedy, Drama, History, Detectives, Mystery, Westerns and Variety, you’ll find the perfect gift for everyone.

So in an effort to keep the content fresh and exciting, Nostalgia Ventures, Inc. is releasing the following 3 New Collection available at:

The Civil War, 8 hrs. on 8 CDs
$ 29.98
Available: October 10, 2008

Amos ‘N’ Andy, 10 hrs on 10 CDs
$ 29.98
Available: October 10, 2008

The Classic Collection, 20 hrs on 20 CDs
$ 39.98
Available: October 20, 2008

Amos ‘N’ Andy – Best Skits Ever! 10 CD Set

Amos 'N' Andy, Best Skits Ever - released by Nostalgia Ventures, Inc., 2008

Amos 'N' Andy, Best Skits Ever. Released by Nostalgia Ventures, Inc., 2008

In our continuing  series of lcassic radio, Nostalgia Ventures, Inc. brings you the genius of Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll in 20 hillarious radio shows first aired over the NBC network in 1944-1945.  These programs have been transferred directly from the original transcription discs by First Generation Radio Archives.

For more information and show titles, visit:
Regular List Price: $ 29.98
Available: October 10th, 2008

The Civil War – Classic Radio, 8CD Set

The Civil War, released by Nostalgia Ventures, Inc. 2008

Beginning with The Civil War (8 hrs on 8 CDs).  This Radio Collection of fully dramatized shows highlights the events of the American Civil War (1861-1865), aslo known as the ‘War Between the States’ and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

As history demonstrates, the outcome forever changed the face of America.  The casualties of this war exceeded 620,000 soldiers and an untold count of injured civilians and soldiers.  Confederate resistance collapsed after Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox court House on April 9, 1865.

For show titles and more information, visit:
Regular List Price: $29.98
Available: October 10, 2008

The Classic Collection – 20 CD Set

The Classic Collection, released by Nostalgia Ventures, Inc., 2008

The Classic Collection, released by Nostalgia Ventures, Inc., 2008

Lastly, in The Classic Collection (20 hrs on 20 CDs) you’ll hear the most famous of all broadcasts, “War of the Worlds” and the first meeting of H.G. Wells and Orson Welles.   Dennis Levin explains, “We worked closely with well known radio host, Frank Brasee, to collect some great interviews with a few of Radio’s legends.   I met with Frank Bresee in his studio up in Los Angeles where he keeps a vast collection of radio shows and interviews.  Listening to these interviews and shows really brings you back to the day when Radio was King.”

Now you can listen to these rare interviews by legendary radio host Frank Bresee with Orson Welles, Mel Blanc, Irving Brecher (creator of Life of Riley), Jim Jordon (Fibber McGee), and other greats including Carlton E. Morse (I Love a Mystery) and Ezra Stone (The Aldridge Family).  You’ll enjoy many more hours of wonderful radio drama, detectives, sci-fi, and comedy with some of the greatest performers from the Golden Age of Radio.

For more information including show titles, visit us at:
Available: October 20th, 2008
Regular List Price: $ 39.98

The Shadow Volume 22 – Halloween Special

Front Cover: The Shadow Volume 22

Don’t miss this new Shadow book…The Master of Darkness returns in two haunting pulp mysteries by Walter B. Gibson (writing as “Maxwell Grant”).

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow Knows!”

First, The Shadow investigates unusual disappearances surrounding a bizarre family kept in seclusion in a decaying mansion by the terms of an unusual will.  What is the deadly secret of the “Tower of Death”?  Then, “The Hooded Circle” commit baffling robberies as they steal the “Seven Hells,” and the Dark Avenger must uncover the secrets of the Stonehenge-like monuments in Druid Glen.  Bonus: Lamont Cranston wages a war of invisibility against King Malo’s voodoo magic when he visits “Terror Island” in a lost thriller from the Golden Age of Radio.  This classic reprint also features both color pulp covers by George Rozen and Graves Gladney, the classic interior illustrations by Tom Lovell and Edd Cartier and historical commentary by Anthony Tollin and Will Murray. (Sanctum Productions)

Regular List Price: $12.95
Available: October 9, 2008

Order this book and more at

Doc Savage Volume 21 – Halloween Special!

The greatest superhero of the pulp era returns in two chilling pulp thrillers by Lester Dent and Willaim G. Bogart writing as “Kenneth Robeson.”

Front Cover: Doc Savage Volume 21

Doc Savage Volume 21: “Hex” and “The Running Skeletons”
First, after Renny Renwick is stricken by a bizarre malady in Salem, Massachusetts, Doc Savage and his beautiful cousin Pat journey to Witches’ Hollow to investigate the “Hex” of a strange woman rumored to be a 100-year-old-witch.  Then in “The Running Skeletons,” the Man of Bronze and his Iron Men must unravel the mystery of a horde of skeletal gunslingers.  BONUS: a horrifying lost Doc Savage script from the Golden Age of Radio.  This instant collector’s item showcases both color pulp covers by Emery Clarke and reprints all the classic interior illustrations by Paul Orban.  Pulp historian Will Murray provides commentary while a descendant of one of Salem’s most famous families examines the 17th century witch trials. (Sanctum Productions)

Regular List Price: $12.95
Available: October 9, 2008

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